Using an experienced staff of international trainers of Tennis Federation, Taheri Tennis Academy with 40 years of history of training tennis, sets out to hold some training courses, in the following ages, at levels of introductory, complementary, and advanced.

Special Tennis Training for Kids under 8 years old.
Special Training Plans for Juniors.
Professional Tennis Trainings for Teenagers.
Professional Tennis Trainings for Adults.

It should be added that this academy sets out to hold Adineh Cup, Ranking and Great Prize Competitions, according to its mission of educating expert players, and using some experts, has established the following committees in the furtherance of its goals:

- Training Committee - Coaches Committee - Referees Committee

- Technical Committee - Informatics Improvement Committee

- Disciplinary Committee - Competitions Committee

- Medical Committee - Aptitude Survey Committee

In addition, with more than 20 years of experience in building various tennis courts, Golden tennis academy, having an experienced staff, is ready for erecting standard and professional complexes all around the country.